Sunday, December 29, 2013

:: New chapter ::

Hello ~
It's been a long long long time idling.
I wasn't a frequent blogger last time but 3 years without any entry would be my longest record I've ever made.
Just a warm up entry.
I'm not sure until when I can consistently blogging (selalunya hangat-hangat tahi ayam).
So let's have a quick update what happened to me in last 3 years.

1) I've upgrade from a mother of one to a mother of two.
My son will turn 4(Aug) while my daughter will turn 2(Mar) in 2014. Alhamdulillah.
2) I gave my first time bought's car (my lovely kelisa) to my youngest brother since my family become bigger.
3) I've done a lot of changes in my house. So more comfortable to do family gathering.
I think now it's look like a family house...hahahaha....
4) I still working at the same company after almost 8 years.
Now, I'm in probation period of new position & to be confirmed early of 2014, hopefully.

And lastly, the biggest one,
5) I lost my mom to cervical cancer which gave a lot of impact to my life. Until now, I still miss her badly & most of the night I wish to meet her in my dream.

Oklah, that's all my warm up entry.
Till then.